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legal empowerment

empower women and the vulnerable

Women and the vulnerable continue to suffer because they are not legally empowered to know their rights and negotiate for their share of the cake


Dignity Equal Opportunity Common Humanity Efficient and Effective Institutions
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To becomes a center of excellence that provides opportunities and builds capacities of institutions, communities, and individuals to engage in peaceful prevention, transformation and resolution of conflicts in the three regions of northern Ghana.
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To create opportunities and build capacities of institutions, communities and individuals for peaceful coexistence in Northern Ghana
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Land use

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Secured and formalized over farm parcels for over 1000 women and vulnerable groups
By facilitating tenure security for farmers, we slow down and halt land degradation
Millions of people are rendered homeless due to conflicts

our Desisred change

Peace Building & Conflict Transformation

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Equal Access to and Use of Natural Resources

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Forest & Ecosystem Preservation

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Climate Smart Agriculture Food Security

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Building Peaceful communities

Help us maintain peace instill discipline in youth with our "youth in Peace building programme"