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In the last fifteen years, CECOTAPS has created awareness about the root causes of the numerous ethnic and chieftaincy conflicts, and built capacities within church-based organizations, local government institutions such as the District Assemblies, traditional political structures, local NGOs and community-based organizations to engage in constructive conflict prevention, transformation and peace-building.

CECOTAPS has trained hundreds of local peace builders – giving them concrete skills in areas such as conflict analysis, peace-building, mediation, and inter-religious dialogue. We have worked collaboratively with other NGOs to promote dialogue in conflict zones, such as the Bawku Peace Initiative that led to the historic meeting of the conflicting parties in Damongo. We have held several consultations with chiefs, politicians, women’s groups and youth leaders on the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis. We have provided on-the-ground support to those developing concrete means to resolve conflicts through peaceful means in Bawku, Yendi, Bimbila, Tamale, Damongo, Wa, etc.

We have catalyzed the growth of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, culminating in the formation of the Ghana Network for Peace-building (GHANEP), now WANEP-Ghana. Our USAID funded pilot project with the District Assembly on good governance in 2003 has led to the creation of the National Peace Council. Two our products are executive secretaries of the Regional Peace Council and one is a chairman. Our extensive network of Satellite Peace Centres, and Community Peace Facilitator cover the three regions in Northern Ghana.

Currently, CECOTAPS is partnering Winrock International to implement the USAID Feed the Future Ghana Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Project (AgNRM).